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  • Price Prediction for June 2021

    The project was launched in July 2020, and provides a profit switching lender and a decentralised finance protocol

    DeFi projects have become particularly prominent in the crypto space recently, particularly as they often run on the highly popular Ethereum blockchain.

    The YFI token governs the ecosystem, with new services coming online on a regular basis. tokens can be earned by participants on the platform by providing liquidity. In this article, we are going to examine its prospects in the immediate future.

    Where to Buy

    Current Price may not be one of the better-known cryptocurrency projects, but its value has soared during the calendar year. is currently priced at just under $40,000 at the time of writing, but is beginning to rally after a difficult trading period. Nonetheless, it is still valued far more highly than the $4,000 price that it was valued at just 12 months ago.

    In 2021, reached a peak of $88,000, as the qualities of this DeFi project became obvious. Many market observers believe that the tokens in the decentralised finance niche have the most growth potential going forward. Price Forecast

    There are many factors that could impact the price of, but the most obvious are the geopolitical and macroeconomic outlook. Cryptocurrencies have undoubtedly benefited from an uncertain trading climate, and this is set to continue with the Covid pandemic continuing to linger.

    Source: Coinbase

    This year has generally been bullish for, and even though some countries are returning to full economic activity, this definitely isn’t the case across the board. This would tend to result in a favourable trading climate for and other cryptocurrencies, which are seen as profitable in times of economic uncertainty.

    Other analysts have suggested that the price of may begin to rebound as the DeFi sector advances, and updates are released by its development team. has created a range of financial services which have been valued in the cryptocurrency market, and these are set to open up with further additions in the coming months.

    As has begun to head in an upwards direction, some technical analysts have suggested that this could represent a low in the price of the token, and that it could create a foundation at this price point. This is a concept which technical analysts believe will lead to a period of bullish trading, so it could be a favourable period for if it can maintain its current price range for a sustained period. Price Discovery in June

    As the world continues to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, the impact on the cryptocurrency market remains of prominent importance. While different legislative conditions are in operation across the planet, the continuing lockdowns and disturbance of financial activity will probably be bullish for cryptocurrencies going forward.

    Another major positive for is the activity in the decentralised finance space, which has made major headlines in recent months. DeFi is increasingly spearheading developments in the financial sector, with other decentralised finance tokens such as Aave, Compound and Decentraland also becoming more prominent.

    Source: Coinbase has also recently been made available on eToro, which is a massive development. It will now be possible for millions of traders to utilise the hugely popular trading platform in order to purchase, which can only be positive for the price of the coin.

    However, possibly the most important indicator of the immediate prospects of came during the Bitcoin Miami conference. During this critical event in the cryptocurrency calendar, the developers of spoke openly about developments coming to the network over the next few months.

    In particular, the developers of will release and implement a layer-2 solution on the platform. Although the project will continue to run on the Ethereum blockchain in the immediate future, the vault will provide increased liquidity via a bridge from the sidechain. This will expand the scope of the project, and should be promising for its price discovery.

    Furthermore, the developers of are also planning to add several new products to their platform. Insurance features are expected in the immediate future, and this will unquestionably make the platform far more appealing to users of decentralised finance.

    This could be a game-changer for, which would result in the token of being seen as a far more credible platform in the DeFi niche. Ultimately, is trading on its ability to deliver finance products, so the more faith that there is among the community in this ability, the greater potential for price increases and profit for investors.

    Nonetheless, at the time of writing the token is performing broadly in line with the wider cryptocurrency market. The decline in the price of the coin has been sobering for its developers, but it has still been a spectacular year for overall. What technical analysts will be seeking now is some serious support for the current price range, which could then see the value going into a holding pattern, before heading upwards once more.

    This might not happen quite yet, but considering the credible decentralised finance platform that has presented, and the increasing prominence of this niche, most market observers believe that it will retest its peak value in the foreseeable future. This could see eventually break through the $100,000 barrier.

    In the shorter-term, Yearn seems to have stabilised and built a foundation at around a level of $35,000—$40,000. If the coin can retain this resistance for a period of time, it is likely to go bullish. But we can expect the token to remain within this price range during June, and it is unlikely to significantly exceed the $40,000 level for the next few weeks at least.

    Please note, the above is a purely opinion-based piece, based on relevant data available. It should not be deemed as direct investment advice.

  • Uniswap Price Prediction for June 2021

    Uniswap is a decentralised finance protocol that has made big waves in recent months, as DeFi platforms have become increasingly popular

    In common with many decentralised finance platforms, Uniswap makes use of the Ethereum blockchain through the use of smart contracts.

    The Uniswap token is just one part of the overall Uniswap project, with the Uniswap exchange having established itself as the largest decentralised platform in the world. By March 2021, Uniswap was generating fees of approximately $3 million on a daily basis. This is a highly impressive achievement, particularly considering that Uniswap was only launched towards the backend of 2018. In this article, we are going to discuss its trading prospects going forward.

    Where to Buy Uniswap

    Current Uniswap Price

    Uniswap is one of many crypto platforms that has increased massively in value over the last 18 months. Just 12 months ago, Uniswap was valued at approximately $4, but it increased almost 10-fold to reach a peak in excess of $40 earlier this year.

    Source: Coinbase

    After such a period of growth, it was almost inevitable that there would be a small correction, and Uniswap is thus currently trading at around $22 at the time of writing. Nonetheless, the immediate future of the platform is generally considered to be extremely promising, not least due to the popularity of DeFi as a concept.

    Uniswap Price Overview

    Uniswap investors are currently seeking a support level for the token, after a challenging recent period for cryptocurrencies in general. Most tokens have been in a bearish pattern in recent weeks, and Uniswap is no exception to this rule.

    Nonetheless, some technical analysts believe that the token may have reached a bottom, based on certain parallel patterns in its trading charts. This would point to the notion that Uniswap is stabilising at a certain price range, which would be promising for its trading going forward.

    Another issue that is certainly impacting cryptos, in general, is the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This has generally been favourable for cryptocurrencies, with these relatively new commodities seen as stores of value in difficult trading times.

    Generally speaking, the fact that Uniswap is based on a decentralised finance platform can only be positive for the token. DeFi is big news currently, with many analysts believing that it will contribute to fundamentally changing the world of cryptos. The association of Uniswap with the Ethereum blockchain can only be positive as well, with the latter token having definitely established itself as the second most valuable in the niche.

    Recent technical analysis of the Directional Movement Index has indicated that the downward movement in the price of Uniswap may be over, and this would obviously be positive for the coin.

    Uniswap Price Forecast

    Heading into June, many investors will be wondering whether or not Uniswap can begin to solidify its position, and begin the climb upwards towards its previous peak. This is certainly unpredictable, as it has been something of a volatile period for cryptocurrencies in general.

    Source: Trading View

    One of the first things to mention is the ongoing geopolitical situation with Covid restrictions. This has been challenging for a wide variety of businesses and has meant that many investors have sought alternative arrangements for their money. This has contributed to a generally bullish atmosphere for cryptocurrencies, and the geopolitical uncertainty that remains today will probably be a major positive for cryptos as well, especially with lockdowns continuing.

    The recent launch of Uniswap V3 would also seem to be excellent news for the platform. As the market for DeFi continues to grow, this sort of update can only be positive for the already strong position of Uniswap on the platform. Uniswap V3 offers excellent features, including greater efficiency and more liquidity, and this can only be positive for the Uniswap project as a whole.

    Many market observers believe that the excellent features included in the latest version of Uniswap will play a role in pushing its price higher. In particular, the scalability and lower fees associated with this platform must be particularly positive for the outlook of Uniswap.

    Uniswap has also received a lot of backing from Silicon Valley recently. Some of the major Silicon Valley companies have invested in cryptocurrency projects that will disrupt the financial sector, with Uniswap being one of the most prominent. The shift of institutional money into Uniswap can only be positive for the prospects of this token, and could even see the crypto buck the general trend of the market and rise significantly, even in what have been bearish conditions.

    Recent patterns suggest that Uniswap has achieved a level of support and foundation at around $21, and this could enable the price of Uniswap to once more ascend in the immediate future. Technical analysis suggests that the token could imminently break through the resistance point of $26, which would be extremely bullish for Uniswap going forward. This is particularly possible considering the broad support that the token is currently receiving.

    In the long run, it is highly likely that Uniswap will eventually test the peak value that it achieved just weeks ago. Most market observers believe that Uniswap is currently undervalued, and the powerful use cases that it has recently demonstrated will propel the token to new heights in the months and years to come.

    Uniswap also certainly feeds off the market-leading Bitcoin, and so an increase in the Bitcoin price would definitely be favourable. If that occurs, expect Uniswap to achieve new highs in the months to come. In the short-term Uniswap looks set to stabilise at around a foundation of $21-25 in the immediate weeks to come.

    Please note, the above is a purely opinion-based piece, based on relevant data available. It should not be deemed as direct investment advice. 

  • Shiba Inu Spikes 24% After Coinbase Pro Listing – Where to Buy

    The so-called Dogecoin killer could see yet more interest with the upcoming launch of its ShibaSwap DEX.

    Coinbase announced on its blog yesterday that Shiba Inu (SHIB) would be among the latest tokens to be made available to Coinbase Pro customers.

    The news comes only a fortnight after the exchange announced long-awaited support for Dogecoin, and starting tomorrow, Coinbase Pro users will be able to trade DOGE rival SHIB, which bills itself as the “Dogecoin killer”.

    Shiba Inu describes itself as “an experiment in decentralized spontaneous community building” in its “Woof paper” (whitepaper). With an initial supply of 1 quadrillion SHIB, the token is designed to be able to outpace Dogecoin in terms of growth without even reaching $0.01.

    Where to buy Shiba Inu

    Safemoon Trader

    Safemoon Trader is a trading software offering users a wide range of cryptocurrency coins including SAFEMOON, DOGE and Bitcoin.

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    eToro is a multi-asset investment platform with more than 2000 assets, including stocks, ETF’s, indices, commodities and Cryptoassets. eToro offers over 14 Cryptoassets to invest or invest in their CryptoPortfolio where investors can benefit from the accumulated growth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and other leading cryptocurrencies. eToro users can connect with, learn from, and copy or get copied by other users.

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    What makes Shiba Inu a possibly good buy right now?

    SHIB has been around since last August but only came to the attention of many traders last month when it surged by more than 2,200% in a matter of days. The token could see yet more interest with the upcoming launch of the ShibaSwap decentralised exchange (DEX), which will provide “Puppy Pools” where SHIB holders can bury (stake) their tokens or dig (farm) for BONES – a new token yet to be released.

    The price of SHIB spiked 24% following the Coinbase Pro news. The exchange is also adding support for Chiliz (CHZ), which powers the fan token platform, and Keep Network (KEEP), which aims to bridge private data and public blockchains.

    CHZ will be available in trading pairs with USD, GBP, EUR and USDT, while SHIB will be tradable with USD and USDT, and KEEP just with USD. However, residents of New York will not be able to trade SHIB or CHZ.

    Inbound transfers of SHIB, CHZ and KEEP began being accepted yesterday, and providing liquidity conditions are met, trading of the tokens will open tomorrow.

  • Sygnum to roll out portfolio of decentralised finance tokens

    The Swiss digital asset bank is launching banking services for DeFi tokens including Uniswap, Aave, 1inch and Maker

    Zurich-based digital asset bank Sygnum announced yesterday that it would be providing institutional-grade access to a range of decentralised finance (DeFi) tokens as part of its mission to bridge the gap between DeFi and centralised finance.

    Sygnum believes the DeFi sector is instrumental in the future of finance, as evidenced by the surge in total value locked (TVL) in DeFi from $1 billion a year ago to $60 billion now.

    As such, Sygnum will launch banking services for DeFi tokens which have seen strong market traction over the last year, namely, Uniswap (UNI), Aave (AAVE), 1inch (1INCH), Maker (MKR), Curve (CRV), Synthetix (SNX) and Aragon (ANT). The bank will also provide custody and trading for the USDC stablecoin.

    The innovations in the DeFi space have the potential to transform many of the existing traditional use cases in the financial industry,” explained Sygnum’s Head of Business Units, Thomas Eichenberger. “They also offer opportunities to build and create new, cutting-edge digital asset products and services offering very attractive return profiles for our clients, especially in a continued low interest environment.”

    Sygnum sees even greater promise for DeFi applications in the future as the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade will significantly increase their scalability and value.

    To begin with, Sygnum will provide a suite of banking services for direct DeFi investment, such as trading, transfer and institutional-grade custody. This will be followed at a later date by the introduction of DeFi yield-generating products and services.

    CEO of Curve, Michael Egorov, commented, “I am extremely excited about Sygnum’s recognition of Curve Finance. By this, Sygnum is pioneering a bridge between traditional and decentralised finance, and I am sure that there will be more such bridges in the future – the future where DeFi powers a new financial system: modern, safe and efficient.”

    Sygnum will also be building custom DeFi solutions geared towards institutional and private qualified clients through collaborations with leading DeFi protocols. The bank aims to make the world of DeFi convenient, trusted and bankable by integrating these products and services with cryptocurrencies, asset tokens, major national currencies and a digital CHF – all in one account.

  • Fans Divided Over Football’s Embrace of Crypto and NFTs

    Argentina became the latest international team to launch fan tokens, while some traditional fans are feeling left behind.

    Yesterday, Les Bleus became the latest football team to embrace crypto with the launch of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which tokenise the French national team’s players.

    Many other sports organisations have already entered the crypto space through the launch of fan tokens on These include esports team OG, Formula 1 team Aston Martin, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and a long list of football teams such as Manchester City, Barcelona and Juventus.

    Fan tokens provide clubs with additional revenue and connect them with their fan bases. Token holders can use a mobile app to access chat forums, games, competitions, and to participate in fan-led decisions about the club.

    If a fan holds more tokens and votes more, they can move up through the reward tiers and gain access to VIP benefits. These include invites to events, meet and greets, and access to collectible club merchandise.

    And the tokens seem to have proved popular. CHZ, the cryptocurrency required to purchase fan tokens on, saw its price surge 5,000% during Q1 of 2021. In fact, over $150 million in revenue has been generated by fan tokens this year.

    The latest team to launch fan tokens is the Argentina national football team, which attracted many buyers. Users of the app rose by 50% following the launch of the ARG token. The initial supply of 400,000 ARG quickly sold out, leading to the release of a second batch, which sold out in just 30 seconds.

    While there is certainly a lot of demand for fan tokens, not everyone is on board with the innovation.’s first foray into English football, when it partnered West Ham in 2019, was met with resistance.

    West Ham supporters felt the partnership was just an excuse to monetise fans, and the Football Supporters’ Association opposed the move on the grounds that fan engagement should remain free.

    Although the West Ham deal fell through, CEO Alexandre Dreyfus claimed this was due to COVID-19 and a focus on bigger international teams, rather than fan backlash.

    While diehard local fans may be offended by users being described as “super fans” and the idea presented by the app that fans can somehow be ranked by their commitment to the team, there’s no doubt that the platform is popular with many other fans and fan tokens are here to stay.

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